1. General introduction for pets, cancer and OCR

2. How many pet animals suffer from cancer ?

3. How is cancer detected in pets ?

4. What is survival expectancy in pets with tumors ?

5. What are the treatments for pets with tumors ?

6. Where are pets with cancer usually treated ?

7. What are the most frequent cancer observed in dogs and cats ?

8. Are any differences of cancer types observed between the breeds ?

9. How do the sequences specific genes compare between humans, dogs, cats and rodents ?

10. What is the level of similarity between genomic sequences of different breeds of dogs ?

11. How do the specific expressions of genes compare between different breeds ?

12. How do the specific expressions of cancer-associated genes compare between dog and human ?

13. Are differences observed in the tumor vasculature between human and pet tumors ?

14. How similar are the immune systems in pets and humans ?

15. What are the naturally occurring contagious cancers in dog ?

16. Are biomarkers used to follow tumor evolution in pets having cancer ?

17. What is the most different cancer subtype between pet and human tumors ?

18. Are cancer subtypes that are rare in human patients diagnosed in pets ?