Because we were vets before becoming researchers,
our first responsibility is the 
quality of life and the quality of care for the pets we look after,
working closely 
with their own veterinary clinics, in their fight against cancer.


Since we are fully aware of the difficulties of pet parents
to face costs of a 
therapy, we work on our organisation,
with our partners to provide care in our
research protocols.

In order for human and veterinary medicine
to move forward together in the fight against cancer,
we are strongly in favour of sharing knowledge, experience and medical practices
so as to ensure that progress for each is progress for all.


Since life is our common heritage, we are dedicated, beyond our research activities
and development of anti-cancer solutions, for both pets and mankind, to contribute
to the invaluable efforts relating to information, awareness, prevention and education
that invite us all to take good care of our lives.

Because cancer is an insidious illness that is too often discovered too late,
we are 
committed to organising and supporting screening initiatives,
in partnership with
vet health care centres.

Because science and technology are advancing day by day,
we are continually 
evolving by means of training, cooperation, exchange and sharing
with all parties 
involved in research and innovation in human and veterinary medicines.


We are proud of our work and supported by the trust of our partners,
communicate our scientific advances, our study reports
and our economic data with 
complete transparency.

And since no one can claim to undertake and succeed alone in the fight against cancer,
we are calling for mobilisation to help make our 
work known,
and to contribute for its development so as to benefit as many as possible.

Because we were vets before becoming researchers,
we aim to make our society project a societal challenge,
in society and for society.