Cancérologie : La clinique des Animaux

OCR travaille en partenariat avec la clinique Oncovet – une clinique spécialisée dans le cancer des animaux de compagnie.


Cancérologie : La clinique des Animaux

OCR travaille en partenariat avec la clinique Oncovet – une clinique spécialisée dans le cancer des animaux de compagnie.


OCR raises €1M

OCR raises €1 Million and positions itself as a major actor of Comparative Medicine Human – Pets

Lille (France), January 21, 2014 – OCR (Oncovet Clinical Research), contract research organization specialized in the conception and management of clinical trials of pets with naturally occurring pathologies for efficacy assessment of drug candidates & medical devices for Human Health, today announces a fundraising of €1 million.

After receiving the scientific recognition from the SIRIC OncoLille, having structured a multicentric recruitment network of Veterinary Hospital Centers, and signed its first contracts with the pharmaceutical industry, OCR raises the capital required for its growth.

OCR provides pharmaceutical companies with an offer unique in its kind in Europe. It consists in accessing canine and feline models having spontaneously developed – not induced – pathologies frequently encountered in humans: cancers, but also cardiovascular, inflammatory, neurological, dermatological, and ophthalmological diseases, metabolic disorders, allergies, or antibiotic resistance. The numerous scientific data available concerning similarities between pet and human diseases, especially in oncology, helps ensure an enticing approach for the pharmaceutical industry.

« OCR addresses a hitherto unmet need at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry, that of getting access to more predictive models of human diseases. Our investors, many of whom are confirmed players in both the conception and management of clinical trials among humans, have long been attracted by this innovative business model so unique in Europe. Working hand in hand with our pharmaceutical clients in the conception of clinical trials strongly contributes to the R&D decision-making process of a drug candidate, especially for the pass or fail preclinical to clinical, additional activity results for optimization of the clinical strategy in humans, new indications, elucidation of a mechanism of action, in addition to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Moreover, the OCR’s ethical position can be trusted since the clinical trials allow pets to access to innovative and safe therapeutic solutions under development in humans. OCR is a pioneering company strongly involved in the One Health – One Medicine Concept for both Humans and Pets ».

« Our clients are impressed by our ability to recruit, in a very short period of time, the expected number of dog or cat patients. They also appreciate getting access to the therapeutic follow-up of our pet patients, including imaging procedures, similar in every way to the ones put in place for humans. Moreover, costs associated with our clinical trials are considerably lower than those required for clinical developments in humans. Our clinical approach provides a high predictive value and represents a new tool in the drug development decision making process ».


Complited the Clinical trial performed with FABRE laboratory.

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